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VBS 2024

Drop Off Procedures:

1. Parents/guardians must check in all children at the registration desk each day.

2.  All children will receive a name badge AND will have a sticker name tag placed on their back.

3.  Parents/guardians will receive a sticker that corresponds to the children's stickers. This sticker is NEEDED to pick up your children at the end of the night.

Pick Up Procedures:

1.  All children will be in the sanctuary at the end of the evening.

2.  Parents/guardians will follow the arrows to line up outside of the sanctuary. The door will be opened at 8:30 p.m.

3.  Parents/guardians will show their stickers in order to enter the sanctuary.

4.  A leader from each group will ask the parents/guardians to show their stickers in order to match them with the child(ren)'s stickers.

5.  Parents/guardians will collect all children and follow the arrows on the floor to the exit where a VBS staff member will collect all of the stickers, make sure they match, and make sure that you exit as a group. No children will be allowed to leave the sanctuary without their parent/guardian.

Procedure for lost stickers:

If you lose your sticker, please bring your drivers license to the the registration desk where a new sticker will be created for you.

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